May 16, 2006


Some Useful VIMRC Definitions:

function! ShowFunc()
let oldmake= &makeprg
let &makeprg= 'listfunc'

silent! make%

let &makeprg=oldmake

"To enable restoring (for an xterm):
"set t_ti=^[7^[[r^[[?47h t_te=^[[?47l^[8
"(Where ^[ is an , type CTRL-V to insert it)
set t_ti=^[7^[[r^[[?47h
set t_te=^[[?47l^[8

set ignorecase
"map j_
"map k_
"set wmh=0
map ^[j j
map ^[k k

map :cn
map :cp
map :grep * -r :cw :set syntax=off k
map :on
map :w :make :cw
map :call ShowFunc()

augroup filetypedetect
au! BufRead,BufNewFile *.inc setfiletype make
augroup END

" Automatically reload .vimrc when changing
autocmd! bufwritepost .vimrc source %

The listfunc script:
ctags -x --c-types=f -u $1 | gawk '{printf("%s:%s: %s\n",$4,$3,$1) > "/dev/stderr"}'

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