September 18, 2007

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September 1, 2007

My Cat JiaoJiao Died Today


A day to grieve.

Little JiaoJiao died today. She lied still in the street of our neighborhood. It looks like she was run over by a car during the night.

She has been a very sweet cat. Never scratched people. Never bitted people. She has very software hairs. She was as sweet as a cat can be. My wife used to cut her nails and bathe her without any complaints from her.

When we moved from Maryland to California, we had to leave one of our two cats behind. The other cat, Mimi, was adopted by a colleague of mine. We took JiaoJiao with us on the plane.

She is an indoor-converted-outdoor cat. She is very curious and likes to roam around, but she never jumped fence or anything like that. She simply walks around, lies down on sidewalk or under the bush.

Recently she became a little bold and not afraid of cars, which eventually killed her. For several times we had to take her away from the driveway so that we can park our cars.

We buried little JiaoJiao in the garden of our side yard.

She has been a happy member of our family for the past 5 years. She will live in our memories.

Go in peace, little JiaoJiao!

-- The family