February 24, 2016

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February 9, 2016

Simplifying your network with a bridge - Making an FIOs ActionTec MI424-WR a Network Bridge


Start your own DOCSIS lab

To setup a DOCSIS Lab you'll need:
- 1x CMTS (no it's not possible to use a Linux based PC convert into a Cable router.Ok? We close this forever or until a hardware manufacturer will sell PCIExpress Coax interfaces. BUT!!!!! If you know a manufacturer who do this, please share!!)
- 1x RG-6 2way Splitter (you have to combine US/DS RF signals into a single Coax cable, yes RF splitter can combine)
- 3x RF attenuator +20dB (you are in lab, so it's not a good idea to blow up your equipments radio)
- 1x 3Way RF splitter (optional, but if you want to test 3 CM simultaneously it's a good idea)
- 1x Return path filter (you are in LAB and have to combine the US and DS, so to clear the risk to have some RF signal harmonic on your DS, this filter is a good idea)
- 1x Linux Box (I've use Debian or use any distro of your choice and provide theses services: DHCP, TFTP, ToD, Syslog and DNS)
- 1x Switch L2 (to connect your Linux box, CMTS and Internet access. Use managable switch caused if you have to trouble shoot the L3 packets, wireshark and a port mirror will became your month employee)

Your connection desing, see: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:HFC.jpg
You will have to replace the fiber devices by the coax/RF spliters. They do the same job's on different cable type.

Yes you will have to put money on the table and buy devices. You can found really good deal into the refurbished market but for sure it will not free.

If it's OK, you will continued with the RF plan, Cable modem DOCSIS standard, OID options, Cable modem TEK and required security, DHCP provisioning/relaying and routing.

It's really possible to do it. But always keep in mind that it's not easy, you will spend many hours without results, spend money in devices and materials but it's possible.