November 6, 2014

vim and error list

If you have text file that contains the list of errors with line positions, you can tell vim to use that to help you navigate through the list.

1. Edit the list to the following format (suppose it is named "errors.txt")
    xxxx.c:123: Warning/Error/Info rest-of-the-text
    xxxx.c is the source code file name
    123 is the line number

2. vim -q errors.txt

3. now you can type ":cw" to open the "quickfix" window which list the errors, and use ":cn" and ":cp" to go through them. Mapping these to a short cut key will make life easier. I map mine to Ctrl-j and Ctrl-k for down and up (copy and the paste the following to your ~/.vimrc file)

    map <C-J> :cn<CR>
    map <C-K> :cp<CR>

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