November 14, 2014

ios validate self signed certificate


I did figure out how to resolve this issue.
I ended up comparing the client and server trust certificates, byte-by-byte. Although there could be another way to resolve such issues of self-signed certificate, but for this solution did work. Here is how I'm doing comparison of the client and server certificates, byte-by-byte, using their CFData objects(you can also reference 'AdvancedURLConnections' example code provided by Apple):
success = NO;
        pServerCert = SecTrustGetLeafCertificate(trust);
        if (clientCert != NULL) {
            CFDataRef       clientCertData;
            CFDataRef       serverCertData;

            clientCertData = SecCertificateCopyData(clientCert);
            serverCertData   = SecCertificateCopyData(pServerCert);

            assert(clientCertData != NULL);
            assert(serverCertData   != NULL);

            success = CFEqual(clientCertData, serverCertData);

        if (success) {
            [[challenge sender] useCredential:credential forAuthenticationChallenge:challenge];
            [self printLogToConsole:@"Success! Trust validation successful."];
        } else {
            [self printLogToConsole:@"Failed! Trust evaluation failed for service root certificate.\n"];
            [[challenge sender] cancelAuthenticationChallenge:challenge];
Hope this will help someone, who is looking for solution of similar issue,

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