July 16, 2011

openwrt make targets


These were culled from IRC logs at irc.freenode.net on #wgt634u . The comments may not be correct. If so, please fix them. This page was put together to help with build problems related to dirty source trees.

  • make package/base-files-clean target/linux-clean target/lzma-clean target/utils-clean
    • good general cleaning and doesn't rebuild toolchain
    • clobbers certain changes you may have made to files in 'root' - (i.e. is it incompatible with WGT634U_USB_root building?)

  • make target/linux-clean
    • cleans kernel

  • make clean
    • duh, calls 'make dirclean'

  • make toolchain/uClibc-clean
    • clean uClibc only

  • make package/base-files-clean
    • always run before rebuild?
    • DANGER - remove package and unpacks the source archive again
    • aka: make package/package_name-clean (ie: make package/jpeg-clean)

  • make package/package name-rebuild
    • recompile the package after you make changes
    • if this still does a make clean (ie: deletes everything, including your changes) add this to your package/whatever/Makefile:

  • mostlyclean:
    • rm $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.built

 I can't seem to get the above to look right, so just remember to indent the rm with a tab.
  • make package/clean
    • cleans all packages, not always required

  • make target/clean
    • ?

  • for specific packages, e.g. courtesy of frop
    • ...well, if there's a new version of madwifi (from svn)... 'make package/madwifi-clean'

  • make target/install
    • rebuilds install image (and kernel too?)

  • make (any command) world
    • runs that command, and recompile (same as "make (command); make" (i think))
    • confirmed - yes, make takes multiple targets on the command line. Be careful when you type commands - if you miss a "-" and type make package/jpeg clean instead of make package/jpeg-clean it'll delete everything as it does the clean after a make package/jpeg. MUCH DIFFERENT!

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