July 17, 2011

airos persistent directory

AirOS allow users to add scripts in the /etc/persistent directory of Ubiquiti device.
These scripts can modify configuration by starting additional services and more.
The standard scripts are:
They are called before and after the standard boot and shutdown scripts start or stop services...

Add static route via script

  • Reboot devices to clean all static routes and access via SSH/Telnet to AirOS device
  • Create a script /etc/persistent/rc.poststart and write here commands to add static route
  • Make sure that /etc/persistent/rc.poststart are executable
  • Check if your script work fine running the command line: ./etc/persistent/rc.poststart
    note: the command now start with a "dot" = run the script!
  • Run the command: cfgmtd -w -p /etc/ to make persistent
  • Reboot and verify that all it's working... 

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