December 2, 2009

development environment of VS2008 Express

To Get started using command line, do this:

1. Copy file c:\program files\Visual Studio 9.0\common7\tools\vsvars32.bat to your directory such as c:\tools
2. run c:\tools\vsvars32. This sets up the environment variables, most importantly $PATH
3. use "vcbuild" to build VC project or solutions. You can also use "msbuild" which is want vcbuild calls.

VCBUILD Command Line

The VCBUILD tool uses the following command line syntax to build Visual C++ projects and solutions.

VCBUILD [options] [project | solution] [config | $ALL]



Build options. For more information, see VCBUILD Options.

VCBUILD also reads options from the VCBUILD_DEFAULT_OPTIONS environment variable.


The name of a project file.

If the project parameter is not specified and only one .vcproj file is in the directory, the project specified by the .vcproj file is built.


The name of a solution file.


The name of a project configuration to build; for example, DEBUG.

If no configuration is specified, and the VCBUILD_DEFAULT_CFG environment variable is set, the configuration it specifies is built. If it is not set, all configurations are built.


A symbolic name that means build all configurations.


To cancel the build process, press CTRL+C or CTRL+BREAK.


VCBUILD has the following options:



/clean (VCBUILD)

Specifies outputting only clean build outputs.


Specifies prefixing error lines that are outputted to stdin, stdout, stderr with the string argument.


Specifies creating an import library for a DLL configuration.


Specifies prefixing information lines that are outputted to stdin, stdout, stderr with the string argument.


Specifies performing a link without building sources.


Specifies using file as the build log.


Specifies printing commands and response file to the screen.


Specifies the number of concurrent builds to run.


Displays error and warning messages without colorization.


Specifies not generating an import library.


Specifies that .NET Framework 3.5 will be used for all assembly references when upgrading a CLR project from a previous version of Visual Studio.


Specifies performing pass 0 (MIDL) of Build.exe.


Specifies performing pass 1 (compile) of Build.exe (implies /implib).


Specifies to perform pass 2 (link) of Build.exe (implies /noimplib).


Only builds configurations for the given platform.

/rebuild (VCBUILD)

Specifies cleaning build outputs and then performs a build.


Logs the time it takes to complete the build.


Upgrades the project file to the latest supported format.


Uses the environment variables for PATH, INCLUDE, LIBS, and LIBPATH.


Prefixes warning lines with a user-defined string.

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