June 17, 2008


For V1, there is the simple TRAP, which is sent from SNMP Agent to SNMP managers/trap receivers

From V2c on, including V3,
  • TRAP is renamed to NOTIFICATION,
  • NEW: INFORM -- essentially ACKed-trap
V3: added security. Both UserID and EngineID are needed for security purpose.

  • For TRAP/NOTIFICATION, the engineID is the AGENT's engineID, which has to be added to the userlist on the trap receiver side.
  • For INFORM, the engineID is the receiver's enginerID, which can be auto discovered in most cases.
See the NET SNMP V3 tutorial for more details. http://www.net-snmp.org/tutorial/tutorial-5/commands/snmptrap-v3.html

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