June 7, 2008

Directory differential backup using xcopy

Xcopy builtin Windows 2000/XP provides a great way to back up your files conveniently. Just use the command:

xcopy SRC_DIR DEST_DIR /d/e/v/c/r/y/h/i

(remember the option as dev-cry-hi)

This does incremental backup, i.e. it only copy newer files to the destination directory. It is blazingly fast!!

Now you just don't have any excuses not to back up files.


  1. Thanks!
    It is exactly what i was looking for... The seven link in google, after seeking "windows incremental backup using xcopy".

  2. likewise, very simple way to do exactly what I need, thanks!

  3. Thanks for the tip..keep it up:)

  4. Your memory device (dev cry hi) has kept me from looking this up every time I need to throw together a backup script for windows. Thanks!

  5. Very practical memory device;) vary smart! thanks