September 12, 2017

Compile GoLang for AR9341

Golang support for MIPS 32 has been added since version 1.8. However, Soft FPU is not added, making chipsets like AR9341 not able to run Go program. "vstafanovic" has submitted the patch but
it has not been accepted yet in 1.9.0. Hopefully it will make to 1.10

At the same time, you can apply the patch yourself to version 1.8.3:

1. Download the patch
2. Download Golang 1.8.3 source code and apply the patch
3. cd src; ./bash.all

If everything goes well, you will have a compiled go toolchain.

To compile your application to MIPS, do:
GOOS=linux GOARCH=misp GOMIPS=softfloat go build

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