June 23, 2016

text to speech and speech to text

text to speech:
 - Mary Text to Speech (Open source): http://mary.dfki.de/index.html
 - https://www.ivona.com/
 - http://neospeech.com/ (Better voice than ivona)

speech to text:

-  Kaldi open source: http://kaldi-asr.org/

-  Comparing Open-Source Speech Recognition Toolkits - Suendermann:  http://suendermann.com/su/pdf/oasis2014.pdf

-  Microsoft Bing Voie Recognition https://datamarket.azure.com/dataset/bing/speechrecognition, and code example: https://github.com/keedio/bing-speech-to-text-example

-  Google speech api

- AT&T Speech api, code: https://github.com/jsgoecke/attspeech (closing)

- Pocket Sphinx (CMU)

- HTK?

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