October 30, 2012

Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10 dual boot issue

I recently bought a HP Envy dv4 laptop for work. It came with Windows 8, and I wanted to install Ubuntu 12.10 Server on it. Here is the problems I ran into and how they were solved:

1. Internal CDROM install did not work correctly. First I thought it was because the CDROM was broken. Later on I found out that legacy BIOS support is not enabled in the UEFI. Once Legacy support is enabled in UEFI, installing from CDROM worked fine.

2. Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit did not detect that the system is using UEFI and installed GRUB-PC(which is for the old BIOS/MBR) instead. So after installation the system booted straight into Windows 8 with no  option to boot into Linux.

3. I downloaded the Boot Repair and ran it. It uninstalled the grub-pc and installed grub-efi but at the end it stated that error occurred and suggested that I move the Linux into the first partition. This was not an easy option for me. So the system still cannot boot into Linux.

4. What saved the day was the tool called "rEFInd" found in  This Post . The actual website is located at HERE. A great piece of software with clear instructions. So I booted into Windows 8 and followed the instruction listed under "

Installing rEFInd Manually Using Windows"

5. It worked great!! Later on I used the "bcdedit" command to set the boot manager to grubx64 directly and it worked as well.

Thanks Rod!

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