August 29, 2012

vim man page skip command line

In vim, when you want to get the man page of the word under the cursor, you can just type shift-k or "K". However, for some functions, there is a "command line" tool with the same time, so you will get the man page for that command line instead of the function you are looking for.

For example, if you hit "K" on "unlink", you will get the bash unlink man page instead of the system call unlink(). To solve this problem, put the following line in your .bashrc:

    export MANSECT=3,2,1,4,5,6,7,8,9

This tells man to search section 3 first, then section 2, then section 1, etc., thus solved the problem of section 1 coming up before section 2 or 3.

While on this topic, you can also add the following line to your .bashrc file to make your man page have colors. Make sure you installed the program "most" on your computer.

    export MANPAGER="/usr/bin/most -s"

Or you can use the default "less" program and add the following lines to .bashrc to make "less" colorful:

man() {
 env \
  LESS_TERMCAP_mb=$(printf "\e[1;31m") \
  LESS_TERMCAP_md=$(printf "\e[1;31m") \
  LESS_TERMCAP_me=$(printf "\e[0m") \
  LESS_TERMCAP_se=$(printf "\e[0m") \
  LESS_TERMCAP_so=$(printf "\e[1;44;33m") \
  LESS_TERMCAP_ue=$(printf "\e[0m") \
  LESS_TERMCAP_us=$(printf "\e[1;32m") \
   man "$@"

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