December 15, 2011

ubuntu kvm KSM high cpu usage


If you use KVM virtualization, under Ubuntu 10.04 Server LTS, with more than one virtual host running at a time, you may have noticed ksmd eating a lot of CPU cycles.  This behavior was not present under 8.04 Server LTS.  Apparently, the kmsd functionality was enabled by default in 10.04.  KSM – Kernel Samepage Merging – merges memory pages between virtual hosts to save space.  Unfortunately, for some, it also utilizes a lot of CPU resources to perform this function.  For my use case, I don’t care about the amount of RAM occupied by my virtual hosts, indeed, I installed far more RAM than I need in my server so that I don’t have to worry about a lack of RAM. 

If you would like to disable ksmd, edit your /etc/default/qemu-kvm file as follows:

# To disable qemu-kvm’s page merging feature, set KSM_ENABLED=0 and
# sudo restart qemu-kvm

Then, as the comments in the file state, restart qemu-kvm. (stop your VM, then "sudo stop qemu-kvm", then "sudo start qemu-kvm")

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  1. Thanks so much for this post! Racking my brain for a while on this one.