October 20, 2011

compiling / building colinux

I have been using colinux for the last 6 years under Windows XP and then Windows Vista. It has always worked great.  However, I have never tried to build coLinux from scratch. Today, due to the reason that I need a kernel module that is not in the module list provided by the stock colinux build image, I had to go through this exercise.

Overall it is a fairly straightforward process. But I need to make the notes so that later on other people can find it useful.

It is better to have a fast machine, a fast internet connection, and over 1GB of free disk space.

My host machine is Ubuntu 10.04 running in X86-64bit mode. The final image of colinux kernel is 32-bit. The build process automatically does that for you.

1. Download the latest snapshot release source tar ball from www.colinux.org/snapshots/
2. untar it, cd to devel-coLinux...
3. ./configure
4. make
    This will download gcc,bin-utils,mingw32, kernel source, etc
5. You will find you kernel (vmlinux) and modules tar.gz file in the build directory,which should be displayed on the console when the build started.

--To rebuild the kernel with your modified config file--
1. go to the kernel build directory, where your vmlinux file is located.
2. backup your current config file:  cp .config good_config
3. change the config file: make ARCH=i386 menuconfig
4. go to your devel-coLinux-xxx directory, do "make kernel"

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