September 1, 2010

How to upgrade SPA942 IP Phone internal directory using wget

See the post here:

A Recap:

After trying a number of things, I upgraded to the latest firmware (5.1.5 at time of writing) and after some more stuffing around, I was finally able to get the following line to populate the Personal Directory:

wget --post-data '24686=n%3DGeoff;p%3D6004;r%3D1&25390=n%3DMatt;p%3D6001;r%3D1' http://myphoneIP/

A few things about the command.
Firstly, the command will enter in two contacts in the Directory. These will be under entry #5 (24686) and entry #2 (25390). A complete list of all the codes here can be seen in the source of the Personal Directory page in the phone’s web interface.
So taking the first of the two entries (24686), what we’re posting is:
n=Geoff; (we need to escape the ‘=’ signs so that wget will actually pass the info on correctly)
n is the Display Name that will appear in the Directory
p is the extension number (or phone number). My extension is 6004.
r is the ring to use. 0 is no sound, just flashing. Play around with the other numbers to find the ringtone you want to use.
To add more than one entry at a time, simply separate the strings with ‘&’.

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