May 18, 2010

Unofficial Smartq V5/V7 Linux Development Guide

This is a backup of the original doc at:

Unofficial Smartq V5/V7 Linux Development Guide

This guide describes how to compile your own linux kernel and how to create SmartqV firmware image for flashing the V5 or V7.
You need a working linux host for development, I'm using Ubuntu.

  1. Download the SmartqV SDK:
  2. Extract SDK to your working directory: tar -xvf SmartqV_SDK.tar.gz
  3. Install ARM toolchain:
    • Extract armv6_codesourcery.tar.bz2 file into /opt directory: tar –xvf armv6_codesourcery.tar.bz2
    • You should see /opt/armv6/... directory created.
  1. Go back to SmartqV_SDK directory and extract the kernel:
  1. Extract fw-utils:
    • tar -xvf fw-utils.tar.bz2
  1. Compiling the kernel:
    • cd mer-smartq-mer-smartq-kernel
  • Create default configuration: make SmartV7_defconfig for V7 or make SmartV5_defconfig for V5.
  • Run ./ and you can find a file named linux.rom under ../fw-utils directory.
  • make modules && make modules_install INSTALL_MOD_PATH=`pwd`/module-collection
    This pulls the generated modules into the ./module-collection directory, which can then be easily transferred with the kernel.
  1. Creating firmware image:
    • cd ../fw-utils
    • For V7: ./compress.v tcboot.V7 linux.rom 0 && mv SmartQV5 SmartQV7
    • For V5: ./compress.v tcboot.V5 linux.rom 0. The tcboot.V5 is not included in SDK, but you can extract it from official V5 image (see below).
    • This will create SmartQV5 or SmartQV7 firmware image.
  1. Copy the image to SD card and flash as usual.
  2. Notes: The firmware image will update only the bootloader and kernel image.
    You can create a full image including rootfs and homefs using compress.v utility.
    Use uncompress utility to extract newest bootloader from official firmware. Extracted files saved in /tmp directory.



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  3. wow this is awesome!! thx a lot for sharing this! only thing i'm unsure about is wheter this will work for the newer smartqv5II as well. i couldn't find the difference between v5 and v5 II yet.

    thx again and keep up this good project!

  4. Hello Mr.Tiebing. I have a question, do you still have the SmartqV_SDK.tar.gz ? Because I can't find this anywhere online. I will be grateful if you can find it somewhere on your disk ;)

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