August 31, 2009

unbrick TEW-652BRP router

TEW-652BRP is one of the cheapest 11N wireless routers (availabe around $30). It can be flashed with Dlink DIR-615 firmware and openwrt firmware.

The bootloader is u-boot, and it has a built-in web server for firmware upgrade. To unbrick/upgrade, following these steps:

1. unplug power
2. hold reset button using a pin
3. plug power back while holding the reset button
4. wait around 20-30s.
5. You should see the STATUS LED (the one next to power) blink slowly. This is the indication that the device is in u-boot web server mode
6. Set your PC IP address to The router IP address is
7. Browse to, upload the firmware. The firmware is required to use dlink hardware ID (ending with .2)
8. Wait until it is 100% finished (indicated on the screen), and then wait another 30s, and repower the router (it does NOT reboot automatically).
9. That's it. The default Dlink firmware IP address is

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