August 9, 2006

GVIM 7.0 and netrw

Recently I installed gvim7.0 on my windows XP and I am happy with the new spell check feature. However, I can not remotely write to a ftp file anymore by using "e". I used to be able to do that with gvim6.3. The issues lies in the netrw vim plugin.

To solve this problem, I had to get to the netrw.vim plugin webpage ( and install the latest version (version 102).

To install it, you have to gunzip it first. This is insane because gunzip is not native to Windows. Although I do have it on my machine through unixutils, I don't think many other Windows XPs have it.

Anyway, after installing the latest version, the problem seems to be fixed. I miss the old good days that vim (and gvim) just works out of box.

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