September 7, 2005

Can't beat the Big Ben. It is so magnificent.

Close-up of the Tower Bridge

Do you see the castle? or you just see the "Bullet" building?

A warning sign with English-style humor

The famous London Tower Bridge

Saint Paul's Cathedral, taken from the tour bus

Big Ben and the Parliament Building. The river is River Thames

People watching changing guard. Polices try to maintain the order.

Changing Guards, every day around 11:00am.

London Police(Lady)

The Guards of the Palace

London Eye. Each "room" can have up to 25 people. On Valentine's day, it costs about $700 for two people!

Big Ben, one of the symbolic buildings of London

Lovely English House in front of the Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, where the Queen of England lives.

Old Pals, with Churchill and Roosevelt

Tiny cars are popular in London. It must be very easy to park. :-)

White Swan at Hyde Park, London. It likes to show off its beautiful feather, like a little girl showing off her pretty skirt.
London's phone booth. With a calling card, I called home from it.